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Fashion Spotlight: Evelyn Lozada and Emily Bustamante

Evelyn’s behavior on Basketball Wives has been downright ratchet lately but when it comes to fashion and the way she carries herself you can’t tell her that she isn’t on point. And it’s obvious that Evelyn really likes this Boulee Ciara Sleeveless Dress (198.00) because she has worn it in several colors. The most recent is the blue version at Magic City Monday’s at Play in Miami

Emily B of Love and Hip Hop, is rocking the latest trend in the upscale sneaker look that Reebok has translated with their shoe. Depending on where you get them they cost anywhere from 54.99-89.00 The style Emily has on is called Black/Overtly/Pink/Black/Yellow/White

Evelyn getting her photo op on, was spotted on Miami Beach about two days ago, wearing a Victoria Secret Cheetah and Pink Lace Bikini (62.00)

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