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Bridezilla Jeanine and Thomas on the Bill Cunningham Show

It was obvious within 5 seconds that infamous Bridezilla Jeanine had no intention of treating her emasculated husband Thomas and his family with a smidgen of respect on the Bill Cunningham Show late last week.

It was all about her opportunity to be on TV again and she enjoyed every minute of it because she barely let anyone else get a word in. But of course when she spoke everyone had to listen. And you know this chick was bad when Natalie Nunn, who was on the show with her husband was the voice of reason telling Jeanine’s husband all Black girls don’t act like his wife.


As for Thomas he admitted that when he met Jeanine he never had a Black women before and his intention was to hit it and quit it – but something called love got in the way.


Thomas’s father read Jeanine on her ratchet behavior a couple of times. One funny incident Thomas’s family recounted was when she spent time with his family in Minn.

Jeanine was rude, disrespectful and didn’t want to talk or interact with anyone and then she b!tched about ice fishing. Thomas’s dad said she was getting on everyone’s nerves so much they wanted to put her down the hole with the fish.


Thomas’s sister who is clearly afraid of Jeanine told the producers she doesn’t think Jeanine is a good mother. When Bill pulled her card and asked her about it, she was to scared to stand by what she really said.

She backpedaled when Jeanine let her know she was about to go off and said instead that from what she see’s someone else always has the kids.

Jeanine —  who doesn’t hesitate to let everyone know she is used to getting what she wants throws tantrums to when things don’t go her way. Thomas’s sister was witness to one of them when Jeanine started spazzing out because she wanted Thomas to get her something. Of course Jeanine chimed in that his sister should use that tactic to, to get what she wanted in a relationship.


One gets the impression that Thomas, who came off like had no backbone and balls kind of likes how mean and bitchy Jeanine is.

He had a smirk on his face when his sister was crying over losing her relationship with him because of Jeanine. Thomas appears to enjoy his family fighting over him and twisting in the wind over Jeanine’s ratchet behavior.



But Thomas wasn’t completely spineless throughout the show. He tried to check Jeanine a couple of times on how she treats him and his family but of course it seemed to go into one ear and out the other.

Thomas’s father, when he could get a word in said that Jeanine is all about Jeanine, she only cares about herself and his son needs to start standing up to her. He also didn’t think she was sincere when she said she wanted to amend things with his family.


The reaction from the audience was on point to when someone told Jeanine she needed to grow up.

Another funny moment was when the comic offering advice told Thomas “You wanted the Black experience, you got the Black experience” and that one of his lady friends was interested in Thomas but of course Jeanine barely let him get a word in and said that Thomas wasn’t going anywhere.


By the end of the show – Jeanine claimed she would try to amend things but after the show she was still defiant when she said that Thomas needed to check his family.

And Thomas’s father seemed somewhat resigned to losing his relationship with his son.  And Thomas, who Jeanie clearly babies – telling him when to do this and that – was still playing the role of the man caught in the middle with no backbone.




  1. Aida A-Rashid

    October 13, 2017 at 5:28 pm  (QUOTE COMMENT)

    Aida A-Rashid:
    I remember this couple on Bridezillas well because after they were married they parted because of an arguement Jeanine had with her father-in-law about taking her father back to the hotel after the ceremony. She was furious that he did that…but he didn’t take him h by force…he was READY to go. Lol. She is very outspoken and opinioned enough to KNOW how she rolls, so I doubt Thomas didn’t know what he was in for with her. She hardly had a relationship with members of her own family because of her personality…which he mentioned to her after their wedding.A baby isn’t enough to keep some men hanging around..even to the point of marrying the “baby mama”, but Thomas obviously loves her and is anice and honorable man. Bless his heart.

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