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The Lala Brown Murder: Episode 2 of Celebrity Crime Files

Was I the only one thinking during the airing of Lala’s Brown’s story on Celebrity Crime Files, last night on TV One that a lot of things just don’t add up. Singer Yolanda “La La” Brown who was only 21 years old and her boyfriend producer JeTannue “Kool-Aid” Clayborn were murdered in 2007 at the studio they both lived in Milwaukee.



Four days lapsed before the bodies were found (the police determined that they were most likely killed the same day Lala’s father dropped her off at the studio, four days previous). What I don’t get is that Kool-Aid’s studio (which was robbed twice before the murders of expensive equipment) appeared to be the kind of place people were always going in and out of. I find it very fishy that none of Lala or Kool-Aid’s friends stopped by the studio.

Lala’s Family


It finally took for Lala and Kool-Aid’s families to be concerned about their whereabouts that led to Kool-Aid’s brother discovering the crime scene (He had to break the door open to get in). Something tells me that at least one person who knew both Lala and JeTannue went by the studio, knew something was amiss but didn’t do anything.

Kool-Aid’s Studio



The case is now cold and doesn’t look to be solved anytime soon. And it was also apparent that very much like Jam Master Jay’s Murder (which will be on a upcoming episode) more than one person who knew both victims knows exactly what happened. Because I get the impression that there is a back story behind the murder based off of it being one committed in anger and the multiple times Lala was shot.

Crime Scene Drawing of Lala & Kool-Aid

The most unsettling thing of all is the fact that the killer was someone they were comfortable with and knew, based off the position of the bodies (detectives determined both were seated when the shooting began), Lala was the intended target (Kool-Aid was shot first and at the wrong place at the wrong time) and the murder was a personal one. Which is why it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the killer actually went to the funeral, blended right in and paid respects to the families.




  1. So sorry for your loss. Do you know if they are going to charge the person they arrested last July??

    LaTiffany Claybron:
    He was my uncle child he deserved better and so did she.. I feel like the police don’t care at allllllllllllll… Smh.. Rip my baby koolaid and lala…

  2. td smalls

    December 13, 2016 at 5:23 am  (QUOTE COMMENT)

    Seem to me the person that they comfortable knew might had been jealous of the relationship they had , the person could maybe be an ex

    Yes it was me.

  3. Tin Marie Clark

    September 15, 2014 at 4:11 pm  (QUOTE COMMENT)


  4. I don’t think she was the target either but once law enforcement puts a theory in their head, they rarely detour from it. They felt Ms. Brown was the target, I thought that maybe Mr. Clayborn was the target because he was shot first. I understand the reasoning of the police to shoot the male first because he was the biggest threat, however, Ms. Brown’s father said his daughter had a mouth on her and didn’t use tact in letting someone know. It appears she may have been the bigger danger, yet, Mr. Clayborn was shot in the eye, which sounded personal. Could the person who stole his equipment come back for revenge for Mr. Clayborn reporting it? I also agree that it was someone they felt comfortable being there and could not the video been a bigger help? Did they show the video on the news, whereas, the public could have been of help? Did the police find fingerprints on the wall sockets, did they look? It always amazes me that black people’s killers are rarely caught and they want to blame it on the closed-mouth of the community. My theory is that when the killer can’t be found, it is probably because the killer was the one investigating the crime….Maybe a jealous girlfriend or boyfriend or someone obsessed with Ms. Brown and saw the opportunity to confront her and Mr. Clayborn. When they reported the burglary, maybe a love struck policeman went to do a follow-up to see Ms. Brown and was rejected by Ms. Brown and challenged by Mr. Clayborn and maybe they threatened to report him to his superiors and he panicked and took drastic action….Any of these scenarios could be accurate or just theories….but all of it is worth looking into for the justice of Ms. Brown and Mr. Clayborn. It could have also been an up and coming rapper who was jealous of the recent success of Ms. Brown or Mr. Clayborn…2Pac murder unsolved and had hundreds, maybe thousand of witnesses, yet, noone saw anything seen anything (what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas), Biggie Smalls also killed in a populated area, yet, noone saw anything, Jam Master Jay, same type of killing in a music studio. Because of the soundboard inside the studio, it may have muffled the sounds of gunshots…many unanswered questions and noone seems to care. Those areas in Vegas and where Biggie was killed was not the low poverty area neighborhoods, yet, noone claimed they were closed mouth….makes you say…….hmmmm….Lyfe Jennings had nothing to do with her death, he assisted creating the fame she found in her short life. Had it not been for Mr. Jennings, her murder would have went totally unnoticed.

  5. A. P. Williams

    February 23, 2013 at 10:56 pm  (QUOTE COMMENT)

    About Lyfe Jennings hiring someone, my thougts exactly. Sitting there at the funeral services for LaLa with those super dark shades on. The eyes are the windows to the soul.

    Naizelle H.:
    I just watched that case on Celebrity Files and it does sound very fishy. I do agree with some of the comments above. For example someone asked how did the killer lock the doors at the end and some ppl think the owner of the studio had something to do with it. Well this could be true that the owner was behind it because he had the keys or if it wasn’t the owner, the killer took the keys and locked the door. Another thing that came to mine is that her and Lyfe Jennings had an arguement and LaLa was kicked off the tour and stopped working with him and she began recording her own music. She was still underneath a contract with him and couldn’t release any music until her contract was up. The studio was broken into and equipment was stolen, mics, keyboards etc. anything that could prevent LaLa from recording music. Her files were probably not saved on the computers and she probably had her files backed up on a disk and somewhere safe so once that contract was up and Lyfe wouldn’t be able to get paid off of her then I think someone that they knew very well was hired to kill them.

  6. JESENIA soap actress

    November 8, 2012 at 1:59 pm  (QUOTE COMMENT)

    ALL I KNOW is i Cry per time, i see it,got it on again at 4:00 eastern tnight till five. i also did not know her mother is white bi-racia black girl so pretty,sweet cute,and a really REALLY smooth type r&b singer,definitely IMO = future star! at the least a few radio spot,internet/and both radio hits etc. i feel awful see this,on tv,i knew about the GREAT social conscious
    song S.E.X. this is the type of music,we NEED period. sick of bootie this and date a white girl etc. stupido cancion.(stupid songs i said today suck!)

    i miss her,knowing what a GREAT talent she would have been.and i mourn her still to this day only been what four or five years,so i know
    all who adore and love her,miss her so much if i am crying over it …

    NO WHERE TO GO,not big enuff to wrestle the gun away or try to as i am a Tall latino chica, around 5;8 out of heels i would have try to do something but she was a short, very petite chic,she had no chance/
    i feel so sad writing this but i will keep this great blog i find today and i am going to say as i said on other blogs RIP to lala yolanda brown
    BEYOND TRAGIC and her cute VERY TALENTED BF kool aid,

    sick of latino and black on black crime this is sickening and to say i am NOT going to “snitch” is wrong. some 1 know something about the MURDER OF LA LA please speak up …

    i ALSO wish la la did not reside there. omg. when i hear her father say well maybe just stay over here,but she figure she live there anyhow i get it. meaning always there.few days a week and night,but just sad,i pray for their eternal peace,as i know they are both living thru the spirit daily of her music,and family friend memories,so nice LYFE went to her funeral so sad.

    Moderator in a forum called Soap Actress Spotlight on soaps and entertainment…

    Tyra Banks Fan.



  7. Marlena Arroyo:
    I agree with the first commentator. It does appear to be strange that only family were concerned about not hearing from la la and kool aid. The studio was a popular spot that a lot of people would hang out, record music and smoke marijuana. This info came from reliable sources. To stop going over there all of a sudden is weird. I conclude that somone if not everyone that hung out there knew who committed the robberies and the murders and did not want to get involved. Now it’s 5yrs later and the killer is still at large and the case is still unsolved. My prayers go out to their families for the losses they have endured and a “true friend” of la la’s or kool aid will come forth with leads to a conviction.

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