The Lala Brown Murder: Episode 2 of Celebrity Crime Files

Was I the only one thinking during the airing of Lala’s Brown’s story on Celebrity Crime Files, last night on TV One that a lot of things just don’t add up. Singer Yolanda “La La” Brown who was only 21 years old and her boyfriend producer JeTannue “Kool-Aid” Clayborn were murdered in 2007 at the studio they both lived in Milwaukee.



Four days lapsed before the bodies were found (the police determined that they were most likely killed the same day Lala’s father dropped her off at the studio, four days previous). What I don’t get is that Kool-Aid’s studio (which was robbed twice before the murders of expensive equipment) appeared to be the kind of place people were always going in and out of. I find it very fishy that none of Lala or Kool-Aid’s friends stopped by the studio.

Lala’s Family


It finally took for Lala and Kool-Aid’s families to be concerned about their whereabouts that led to Kool-Aid’s brother discovering the crime scene (He had to break the door open to get in). Something tells me that at least one person who knew both Lala and JeTannue went by the studio, knew something was amiss but didn’t do anything.

Kool-Aid’s Studio



The case is now cold and doesn’t look to be solved anytime soon. And it was also apparent that very much like Jam Master Jay’s Murder (which will be on a upcoming episode) more than one person who knew both victims knows exactly what happened. Because I get the impression that there is a back story behind the murder based off of it being one committed in anger and the multiple times Lala was shot.

Crime Scene Drawing of Lala & Kool-Aid

The most unsettling thing of all is the fact that the killer was someone they were comfortable with and knew, based off the position of the bodies (detectives determined both were seated when the shooting began), Lala was the intended target (Kool-Aid was shot first and at the wrong place at the wrong time) and the murder was a personal one. Which is why it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the killer actually went to the funeral, blended right in and paid respects to the families.


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2 years 5 months ago

I don’t know that it’s quite that fishy. If you truly had no idea what happened and stopped by without a pre-arranged meeting, found the door locked and no one answering, why would you immediately think that something was wrong? I would just think they happened not to be there right now. Especially since they said she (maybe both of them?) had been scheduled to go out of town a couple of days before they were finally found. Anyone who knew about that certainly wouldn’t have found it odd that they weren’t answering the door at the studio.

1 year 2 months ago

If they were close and knew that they wouldn’t be in town why would they come by, unless, they knew they would be out of town and saw a good opportunity to rob the place….however, it was definitely someone they knew and felt comfortable allowing access…the newspaper article said that the video saw one of them open the door, then saw someone running from the scene….the door being locked is one of the strangest actions of all, who in a panic would take the time to lock the door. If they ran away did they have the equipment in their hands, who would take the time to lock the door? I also would look at the landlord again because he had access, motive may have been obsessed with Ms. Brown or Mr. Clayborn owed him or someone’s revenue that, as a struggling artist he may have had trouble repaying…were the phones check? How often do the Milwaukee police activate the cold case file on this crime? They were able to find that $300,000.00 dollar Stradivarius and the mayor, police chief, District Attorney and the FBI were all on that crime. Had they done the same efficient job in investigating the Brown/Clayborn murders, it may have been solved by now….hmmmm