The Lala Brown Murder: Episode 2 of Celebrity Crime Files

Was I the only one thinking during the airing of Lala’s Brown’s story on Celebrity Crime Files, last night on TV One that a lot of things just don’t add up. Singer Yolanda “La La” Brown who was only 21 years old and her boyfriend producer JeTannue “Kool-Aid” Clayborn were murdered in 2007 at the studio they both lived in Milwaukee.



Four days lapsed before the bodies were found (the police determined that they were most likely killed the same day Lala’s father dropped her off at the studio, four days previous). What I don’t get is that Kool-Aid’s studio (which was robbed twice before the murders of expensive equipment) appeared to be the kind of place people were always going in and out of. I find it very fishy that none of Lala or Kool-Aid’s friends stopped by the studio.

Lala’s Family


It finally took for Lala and Kool-Aid’s families to be concerned about their whereabouts that led to Kool-Aid’s brother discovering the crime scene (He had to break the door open to get in). Something tells me that at least one person who knew both Lala and JeTannue went by the studio, knew something was amiss but didn’t do anything.

Kool-Aid’s Studio



The case is now cold and doesn’t look to be solved anytime soon. And it was also apparent that very much like Jam Master Jay’s Murder (which will be on a upcoming episode) more than one person who knew both victims knows exactly what happened. Because I get the impression that there is a back story behind the murder based off of it being one committed in anger and the multiple times Lala was shot.

Crime Scene Drawing of Lala & Kool-Aid

The most unsettling thing of all is the fact that the killer was someone they were comfortable with and knew, based off the position of the bodies (detectives determined both were seated when the shooting began), Lala was the intended target (Kool-Aid was shot first and at the wrong place at the wrong time) and the murder was a personal one. Which is why it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the killer actually went to the funeral, blended right in and paid respects to the families.


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51 Comments on "The Lala Brown Murder: Episode 2 of Celebrity Crime Files"

concern father
2 months 29 days ago

v el to Milwaukee a lot as a truck driver. Every time I go thereI think about both victims. I have a daughters also and Lord I don’t want to feel anything like this. We have to stop this madness a
and who ever this person was comitied these murders will not get away. We may not know who did this but someone knows and he has all power. LAla and Kool aide are at peace but the corporate is still at large and yes his concise is eating away at him or her. The day will come when it’s time to pay for your deeds

3 months 7 days ago

I am 59 I hate to see good people like them killed we kill each other for know good reason at all

LaTiffany Claybron
8 months 4 days ago

He was my uncle child he deserved better and so did she.. I feel like the police don’t care at allllllllllllll… Smh.. Rip my baby koolaid and lala…

Gods Child
9 months 3 days ago

I really believe Lyfe Jennings killed them.. People open your eyes they had a recent altercation n she didnt tour with him.. these two people had no enemies.. Lyfe Jenning has a previous charge fir kicking his girlfriend doir in and shoiting a gun outside the house put the police on a high speed chase.. but any way he is a violent person. He has a reason to harm her .. Clearly he was jealous of the fact that she continued her career without him. SEX was both of their big break. First equipment was stolen (red light) they cant record record without those items..Clearly LaLa was the target she was shot 4 times in her neck boyfriend just so happn to be there and got killed to.. Investigators do your job. I see wat happen y cant anyone else.. I absolutely love lyfe jennings but he did it and i know in my heart he did.. And this man attended the funeral cold hearted.. God please bring to the light and reveal to the families what happened to LaLa and Koolaid.. Bring them piece in Jesus name Amen..Justice for our people

10 months 18 days ago

I think it was a crime of passion and I think the dad knows more then any of them. He said they killed my baby. Who? Who is they?