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Merlin Santana: Final Cut on Investigation Discovery

The Merlin Santana story on Final Cut highlighted the strange coincidences that came together in a perfect storm that culminated with his murder.

Merlin wasn’t supposed to be in Los Angeles on Saturday Nov 9th, 2002 but in New York instead to visit his family – but an audition at the last minute for a sitcom made him stay in L.A.


Another coincidence Final Cut went into that the Celebrity Crime Files story didn’t was the robbery angle. Merlin’s friend Brandon Adams was the one that noticed that something wasn’t quite right about Monique King inside of the house on Crenshaw in L.A. He followed her outside where he realized his suspicions were right but it was a little to late.


By the time he told Merlin something was up once they were outside – they encountered the killers, who were armed and shooting. Later it was determined Monique was most likely casing the house to be robbed.


What really gave the show legitimacy was the interview with Merlin’s mother Lea. She told the story how he was born premature and the doctors thought he wouldn’t make it. When he did in fact make it, his mother gave him special name for the miracle of his birth – Merlin.


His mother said how he loved his name and loved introducing himself to people so he could tell them what his name was. Another eerie coincidence his mother revealed happened before his death, when he said to his mother and father that he would be their guardian angel.


His mother said that Merlin’s father got very upset because he was talking like that but Merlin kept on insisting that he was going to be their guardian angel. Lea Santana said maybe Merlin knew something was about to happen. Also another coincidence was the shot that killed Merlin, which entered through the trunk of the car and then striking him in the back of the head. It was described as a “lucky shot”


The most senseless thing with this case is that Monique King, who set the whole thing in motion with the accusation of rape never gave a explanation about why she did it. Merlin’s mother on Final Cut expressed how she was angry with Monique for a long time. How can blame Merlin’s mother especially when the last scene on Final Cut is footage of Merlin, handsome and smiling diving into a pool. One’s mind automatically thinks what might have been.




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