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Natural Hair Files 2012: Jill Scott, Solange and Chrisette Michele

It isn’t the easiest thing having natural hair, I have been wearing my hair perm/texturizer free for about 12 years.

The thing my hair struggles with the most by far is moisture, it seems like I find a product that works like Joico moisture recovery conditioner and my hair really responds but after awhile it’s like my hair gets immune to it and it stops working. Now with the winter season here, my scalp has flipped the script and has started flaking. If it isn’t one thing it’s another.


So in celebdom, where weaves/extensions, lace fronts and wigs rule in 2012 I can appreciate these women who wear their hair natural and are versatile with it. That is one thing I would like to do in 2013, is to try different things when it comes to my hair and stop being so basic with just a ponytail.


You don’t need a big budget either because I have learned the hard way through trial and error that the products the wind up being the most effective is not that “miracle product” that sets you back 25.00 but that simple little bottle of jojoba oil that is 5 bucks.


Even though Lauryn Hill isn’t as versatile with her natural hairstyles unlike the wacky ass outfits she stays wearing props still for being consistent.


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