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Mystique Observations: Charles Ramsey, Mister Cee, Mary Mary Revelations & More

1. Goes to show how you should never judge a book by it’s cover..

Based off appearance alone, I am sure a lot have assumed that Charles Ramsey is a inarticulate and ignorant man. But in the last few days, from his TV appearances telling his account of helping rescue the 3 kidnapped women in Cleveland he has been very descriptive and intelligent.


2. The air must be really thin in that closet Mister Cee is trapped in because he gave what can only be described as a bizarre interview trying to explain why he mysteriously keeps on getting caught up with male prostitutes.

The truth will set you free Mr. Cee…


3. Who else is giving their own neighbor the side eye after the tragedy that went down in Cleveland.

For all who claim they had NO clue all those women were captive in that house, it goes to show you truely do not know what goes on behind someone else’s closed door.


4. Having top notch skills on how to draw attention to yourself that would make a old school attention whore like Madonna jealous….

Kim knew exactly what she was doing by wearing that horrid floral dress to the PUNK: Chaos to Couture, fashion crime be dammed and it worked like a charm because by far next to Nicole Richie, Kim and her dress were the most talked about of the night.


And the shade has been thick




5. Am I the only one not buying the ying yang Ms. Lauryn Hill is spewing about why she hasn’t paid her taxes.

Just admit that you didn’t want to pay your taxes because you felt like you were entitled not to & then had the nerve to try to throw a hail mary at the last minute with that song to pay off your debt.


6. There has been some serious twisting in the wind on the Internets about Paige Johnson (daughter of BET founder Bob) marrying a White man.

But If you are a equestrian, which is a world where only the very elite play and most likely you are used to being the only black among Whites and other children of million and billionaires and your the daughter of a billionaire yourself (collectively), what are the chances that you will marry a Black man..slim to none.


7. Ahh…Tina’s revelation about Teddy’s affair: It all makes sense now why Tina was so pressed over attending to her husbands needs ASAP, sacrificing a payday that would have made up for their whole ill fated tour, that was canceled due to Erica’s pregnancy.

And Teddy should be afraid, very afraid of what Tina might do the next time he tries to step out on her.

erica and tina ebony

8. Anyone else peep how Jennifer is letting Casper be himself..tats, sneakers, casual clothes and all..

Because looked what happened the last time she tried to make her man into something he wasn’t..he ran for the hills.

j-lo-and-young tender-casper

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