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Fact or Fiction: Is RG3 Cheating On New Wifey Rebecca ?

Either Robert Griffin III, has weaved a tangled web involving his new wife Rebecca and side piece Meredith Barber who is trying to follow in the footsteps of other ratchets who aspire to get their hands on athlete riches while getting their 15 minutes of fame…

Or is RG3 a victim of some random chick who is lying (she was trying to sell pictures of his alleged peen but declined when the offer of 500.00 wasn’t high enough) because after all he is a NFL athlete (faithful NFL players are a rare species) and besides isn’t he a little to bit well-behaved anyway.

rg3 and wife

With a plot straight out of a cheesy soap opera involving a college student (Virginia Commonwealth University) peen pics, jewelry from Jared, Texts on your wedding day to your alleged sidepiece, Redskin Tickets and denials from friends.

Friend #1 said that RG3 would never cheat on his wife because he was with him all day during the wedding & no texting was going on and Friend #2 said the pictures are not from him.



Either RG3 needs to have his sidepiece know her position, like most athletes who cheat because RG3’s marriage to Rebecca is less than a month old but she has put in her time with him since Baylor..

But if she is like the typical serial cheating athlete’s wife, Rebecca knows full what he is doing but isn’t going anywhere.

Because she is not having the thought of any other chick on his arm but her. Or it could be the case of just another lazy groupie ratchet that’s going to milk the drama for all it’s worth..so she can make a name for herself at the expense of someone else. (see Michael Vick’s alleged Mistress Bella begging for money on Kickstarter)


Alleged Evidence

rg3-text-2 rg3-text-1 rg3-text-3 rg3-text-4 rg3-text-5


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