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Quick Pics: Kelly Price, Beyonce, Daphne Wayans, Keri Hilson & More

No doubt trying to redeem herself from the epic ratchetness she committed on R&B Divas L.A, Kelly Price.. who looks to be in a much better mood (probably because she is in control) hosted live casting auditions for the upcoming reality show “Too Fame For Fame” in Hollywood on August 28th.


Kelly Price Hosts Live Casting Auditions For New Reality Show "Too Fat For Fame"

Shooting another video which will automatically create heated discussion on the internets the minute it drops, Beyonce mixed business with pleasure during the shoot at Coney Island on August 29th.




Daphne Wayans, once a confirmed cast member of Hollywood Exes that got the boot down to “blink and you might miss her” appearances represented at the launch of Genlux Magazine on August 29th in Los Angeles.



Bianca Lawson, who has to be drinking the same youth tonic as Pharrell and Nia Long also worked the red carpet at the Genlux Launch. The previous night Bianca attended the Los Angeles Premiere ‘Riddick’ in Westwood, California.



Keri Hilson, whose career has never been quite the same since her shade directed towards you know who, glowed on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of Riddick on August 28th.



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