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The Steve McNair Murder-Suicide: True Crime With Aphrodite Jones

The biggest question that Aphrodite Jones brings up is that the Steve Mcnair murder suicide in 2009 was a little bit to easy to solve and when it’s to easy….there is usually more than meets the eye.


Because this episode presents the murder as a whodunnit ? was it Steve’s sidepiece Sahel Kazemi or career criminal Adrian Gilliam, who actually owned the gun ? Or Mechelle McNair ?


Sahel’s AKA Jenni’s friend Lakresia Polite pointed out that Jenni was scared of things like spiders and she had no clue how to handle a gun.


If she had no clue, then why did the bullets from the 9mm that killed Steve hit him with such accuracy ? And the particular gun used has a rep as a junkie gun, prone to malfunction.




And why was Steve “Mr. Rubberband Man” McNair found with only 7 dollars on him ? Where was his Rolex and other jewelry ?


Also two weeks before the murder there was an usually high number of text messages (157) and phone calls (45) between Sahel and Adrian, one phone call less than two hours before the murder.




Vincent Hill a private investigator hired by Steve’s mother Lucille who always sensed something wasn’t right with her son’s murder. He is the main one who knew something smelled fishy regarding the urgency in which the Memphis police wanted to close the case, despite the inconsistencies.


One in which the story that Adrian Gilliam told about Sahel buying the gun from him at her workplace (Dave & Buster’s) wasn’t true. Sahel’s co-worker who worked the same shift with her said that was impossible. And the co worker also said her words were twisted about Sahel saying she wanted to end it..not her life but her relationship with Steve.




Adrian, who told police he was desperate for money also told more lies when he said he never heard of Sahel but later admitted he lied because his fiance was present and alibi about being at his friends house was later refuted.


And as much as Sahel’s friend tried to paint their relationship being not the typical sidepiece married man relationship, it was known Sahel was in deep debt herself & felt Steve was slipping away from her. She followed Steve’s other sidepiece in their black Escalade and took the rap for Steve with a DUI arrest.


Lucille McNair




As for Steve himself..did a will actually exist like his mom said ?

Was his wife Mechelle lying when she said she couldn’t find it ? After all she had over 15 million reasons for a will not to exist. And family friend Alvin Simpson says that the McNair marriage was headed for divorce.

While the ratchetness that Steve allowed himself to get caught up in that led to his murder is tragic, following a close second is the treatment of his mother Lucille. She got the boot from the home Steve brought for her by Mechelle, who sold it for millions. Also Lucille has no contact with her grandchildren.

Lucille McNair’s Former Home






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