Yes Or A Mess

Yes Or A Mess: Dwyane Wade Rocking Overalls & Leopard Print Kicks

Dwyane Wade seems to take his role as fashionista of the NBA very seriously, soo yesterday he took it back a couple of decades by wearing overalls.

And to complete the look he wore some leopard print kicks. And a shirt buttoned wayy up with what looks like a decorative button to top it off.


So the question has to be asked..Is this a Yes or A Mess ?

A Yes in that a lot of people take fashion way to seriously, Dwyane is having fun with it and I like this look.


His androgynous, meets sharecropper look is a mess. Dwyane is trying to hard and he commits one fashion fail after the other. He should just stick to suits.


And you know you want them..Keds & Vans sell Leopard Print Kicks..


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1 Comment

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