Yes Or A Mess

Yes Or A Mess: Whoopi Says That Jay Z Had The Right To Hit Solange

On The View, you can always count on Whoopi Goldberg to go totally to the left with a opinion and it was no different yesterday when it came to a topic that is this close to being discussed ad nauseum, the now infamous Solange & Jay Z elevator fight.

Whoopi started off by saying that she knows a lot of people were raised different but to her when a women hits a man, he has the right to hit her back.

Because she thought that “Solange was ready for him (Jay Z) to do whatever he was going to do”

Is her two cents a Yes Or A Mes ?


In that a lot of women take it for granted that “Men aren’t supposed to hit women”  but not all men were raised to believe that… So if you decide to lay hands on a man don’t be shocked if you get handled..

Or A Mess

No matter what the circumstances a man should never hit a women..period

And it’s not surprising that another woman is condoning a man to commit violence against women because we always seem to be our worst enemy. And Whoopi just loves to troll with her inflammatory opinions.


As for Barbara (who has made some suspect statements of her own) she had this look on her face..

And challenged Whoopi on her statement but Whoopi held firm with ” If i slap a man, he has every right to slap me back”  



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