Yes Or A Mess

Yes Or A Mess: Anya Hindmarch Promoting Solange’s ‘Fight Clutch’

Looking like a Capri Sun pouch or a potato chip bag the designer of the clutch that Solange was carrying inside the elevator shamelessly capitalized off the fight by advertising just that in a new ad, that the Anya Hindmarch crisp packet clutch which will set you back 1, worth fighting for.


Is this a Yes or A Mess ?

Yes: In that what’s wrong with taking advantage of an opportunity to build your brand because most designers have done it whenever something a celebrity has carried or worn has garnered attention.

A Mess: For a so called upscale brand like Anya Hindmarch, it’s tacky as hell to try to make lemonade out of a lemon using something ratchet like a fight.

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