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Hot Topics: Stacey Dash, Mama Joyce, Kanye’s Ex, Eve Marries & More

1. If Stacey Dash pandering to TMZ camera’s by basically saying that she is a special snowflake Republican, supporting gay marriage is any indication..

Her stint on Fox news is going to be the gift that keeps on giving.


2. Congrats to Eve, who finally married her longtime boyfriend Maximillion Cooper in Spain

Playing devil’s advocate: One can’t be mad at Eve for totally dodging that Stevie J bullet long ago and finding happiness outside of the box (even though she went on about being with a white man ad nauseam) instead of doing the typical & settling  for a NBA, NFL player or a hood rich rapper.



3. Well Kanye seems to be 2 for 2 that after his exes have left his wacky world, they settle down.

Besides Amber Rose, Brooke Crittendon is another one of Kanye’s exes, who seems to be doing pretty well for herself post Kanye.



4. Mama Joyce is no doubt enjoying being the baby at every christening & the corpse at every funeral.

And as we can see every week, she is reveling in the fact that she finally has her own show..that’s basically in Kandi’s name only.


5. Who else found this tweet that Erykah Badu sent out kinda funny..

it seems that Drake doesn’t want to fall victim to the cranberry, punani voodoo that Andre 3000 & Common got caught up in.


6. It seems like a lot of people are mad at Marlon Wayans for the jokes he made about Africans, while hosting the MTV Africa Music awards..

Next time consider the source because did MTV Africa really expect someone who got raped by a ghost in a movie to keep it klassy.



7. The black community has gotten the label of being unsupportive of gay & transgender people..

Which is why it should not be overlooked that Andrea Kelly has been 100% supportive of her daughter Jaya, being Jay.


8. Ok, If your Khloe Kardashian, you miss your brother..who you say is your best friend. So to make that person who is obviously hurting aware that you care..

You broadcast that thought for your close to 10 mil followers..ok…what happened to that personal contact thing called face to face..


9. The recent Time cover stories highlight the Taliban/American solider switch that stinks to high heaven of a cover up that we will never know the true story on..

& Laverne Cox, who had a lot of people twisting in the wind over her cover. But the whiners can’t have it both ways because if it was Carmen Carrera that made the doubt there would have been bitching that Laverne should have made it instead.


10. The way some black women make cringe worthy comments about pursuing relationships with White men, you just know they are getting into it for the wrong reasons..

Like The Braxton’s ‘playing in the snow’ and now Fantasia’s I’m Starting TO LIKE DIFFERENT CEREAL

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