Yes Or A Mess

Yes Or A Mess: Kara Walker’s Subtlety Or The Marvelous Sugar Baby

Not all artwork is supposed to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside and artist Kara Walker is quite aware of that because her latest exhibit called Subtlety Or The Marvelous Sugar Baby has been stirring up a lot of negative emotion..


The figure, that looks like the love child of a sexualized Aunt Jemima and The Spinx can currently be seen at Brooklyn’s Domino Sugar Refinery.




Subtlety Or The Marvelous Sugar Baby and the accompanying candy boys made of molasses..

Is supposed to call attention to the stark reality of the slave trade and sugar, in which the processing alone cost slaves their limbs and lives.

The melting of some of these pieces, which looked like blood gave the artist another outlet to express herself — when she put the limbs in the basket of the intact candy boys.




But is this a Yes or A Mess

A Yes

In that maybe we need some shock value seeing the Spinx naked, in remembrance of the horror of what our ancestors experienced..

Because the figure embodies the pain, sexual abuse, death, power and forced labor that African’s went though. A lot of us need a wake up call in this so called post racial society where we deluded ourselves into thinking dialogue about race is passe.


Or A Mess Because..

No wonder Kara’s exhibits are funded and hailed by what’s basically a White run art world because a lot of people are still to emotionally immature to think about what Subtlety Or The Marvelous Sugar Baby embodies..




And instead just do what many have done for centuries, sexually objectify the Black woman. The exhibit just reinforces ugly stereotypes, not provoke deep thought.

Because the figure seems to be a current breeding ground for these types of pictures..which just proves what a mess this exhibit is.


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