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Hot Topics: Stevie J, Solange, J-Lo, Keyshia Cole, Kanye & More

1. Stevie J testing positive for weed & coke was no shocker..

And from the looks of it, there is a high chance that If a surprise drug test was administered to everyone on our favorite hood soap opera 95 % of the cast would probably fail due to abuse of substances of the liquid, white powder & ‘herbal’ kind.

2. Hmm..interesting that both of the Knowles girls wound up with older men.

But then again it’s obvious that Solange who all know is a ‘fighter’ would have said deuces Alan Ferguson long ago if he was weak & immature. Congrats on their engagement..



3. I find it funny that a lot pf people are soo pressed over Shaq’s new woman being light skinned..

Because it might open the door to him being with a White women..


4. Why do a lot of women  (famous & non famous) keep posting makeup free selfies as if they trying to prove to everyone that they are attractive.

While more than a few men continue to look like roadkill & they are fine with it because they know they have zero to prove as long as they have money.


5. Keyshia Cole is getting a divorce, has a song with lyrics alluding to having a sexual relationship with a women & now these pictures.

Sounds like someone needs a hit album and is pulling out all the stops to make it happen..


6. With Italy getting the boot from the world up, the frenzy seems to have died down some over Mario Balotelli’s fiance Fanny Neguesha.

And of course a lot of women had to put their two sense in by saying she looks fake & average looking, which is fine but most women whether they want to admit it or not would feel really basic standing next to her.


7. With the recent ratchetness with Kanye in Diva mode retouching his wedding photos & trolling with the Kim is the #1 women in the world comments..

Reminds me of a toddler who throws his food against the wall & creates a mess..when they feel no one is paying attention to them.


8. Jennifer Lopez made a funny when she said she there was never any beef with Mariah & wished they were friends…

But we all know better because there is a reason why we NEVER see two huge stars being BFF’s long term..their egos can’t take it.


9. Recently, little Abby dropped the dime on her lying, ratchet babysitter after she tried to blame a Black man (and one was actually handcuffed) for a robbery she orchestrated.

Abby told the truth because she thought she was a terrible babysitter. But can you image if this chick was like Marry Poppins..a Black man most likely would have taken the rap for a crime he didn’t commit & no one would have believed him whenever he proclaimed his innocence..



10. I might be one of the few that likes the fact Whoopi survived the near clean sweep to stay on The View.

She gets accused of cooning & trolling a lot but that’s what makes her interesting…you have no idea whats going to come out of her mouth.

11. Recently the cast pic to the upcoming N.W.A movie was released and even though a lot of people have a love/hate relationship with them because they are largely responsible for spreading misogyny in rap like a disease..

You gotta admit that you just might have at least one track from them on your classic ratchet rap playlist.



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