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Struggle Dad: Paul George Is To Busy To Be A Father


A loser on & off the court, Indiana Pacer Paul George is trying to play games with the court system.

According to unsealed court documents, Paul is a special snowflake because the reason he can’t  do what many fathers have done for eons with being in their child’s life at the same time they have to travel to work is  due to his busy schedule as a NBA player.

Daniela Rajic,  a ex stripper who is the mother of Paul’s newborn daughter Olivia says in the documents a private paternity test determined Paul was the father of her child, who was conceived after a series of sexual encounters last year.


Baby Olivia


Besides child support of course, Daniela wants sole custody and a legal paternity test to settle the issue once & for all. Paul, through his attorney tried to backpedal by saying that he will fulfill his responsibilities once he is legally declared the father.

And why do people continue to blame the woman in these situations  because these NBA simps have no one to blame but themselves..

Especially when the league is littered with dozens of women whose retirement plans were funded with NBA money after having a child with a player. But yet year after year a new simp presses his luck & gets caught up, no wonder so many wind up broke soon after leaving the league.



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