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Hot Topics: Nicki’s BET Shade, Kim K, Floyd, Robin & More

1. Well Well can currently hear crickets coming from Iggy Azalea, who never hesitates to throw shade herself..

After Nicki Minaj fired a couple of shots her way last night at the BET Awards. Will she hide behind social media & respond, say nothing or one up Nicki and fire back at the next award show..

2. It’s ironic how Blacks make up a huge percentage of people that use Twitter, Facebook & other social media..helping to make these men who run these companies billionaires.

But yet if any of them applied to work at those companies their resume would probably go straight into the e-trash bin. It’s not shocking that tech companies & their track record hiring of Blacks is still dismal.


3. Floyd Mayweather is still acting pressed over Shantel Jackson leaving The Money Team.

But when you are used to winning your whole adult’s nothing nice when you have to face that there is one fight that you can’t win.


4. Who else smelled shit in the air regarding Kim Kardashian’s story of her plane ride from hell involving a passenger hurling racial slurs directed at her daughter North.

For a family who practically notifies the press every time they mean to tell me this story didn’t make it on TMZ within a minute after the plane landed


5. Let me get this straight ex LAPD crooked cop Frank Lyga got caught on video tape admitting that he had no regrets killing a undercover Black cop & wished he could kill a truck load of Blacks.

But once he got exposed he apologized, saying his comments were inappropriate & embarrassing..OH REALLY

Don’t do just love this so called post racial society..


6. Why does it seem like a lot of Blacks are quicker to forgive racial ratchetness from Whites if that person is ‘down’.

Because I think if Justin Bieber got caught wearing a KKK hood, he would still get invited to the BET awards & have other blacks apologizing for him.


7. Now that Arian Foster’s ex mistress has given birth (to a son named Gatsby-named after the club where she met Arian) the court proceedings over paternity & $$$ can begin.

And you just know that a lot of these NFL simps won’t learn because come next season there will be another ratchet married player with kids spreading his seed outside of his marriage & then try to pull a Maury & claim he is not the father.


8. Who needs the scripted ratchetness of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta when you have real life. If Lil Wayne’s history as the sperminator is any indication, there is a 90% chance Christina Milian will be pregnant in a couple of months.

Which means that her & Nivea will have one thing in common..they will both have the same baby daddies: The Dream & Lil Wayne.



9. Mase is trying for comeback #50 with song called Nothing and It seems like Pastor Betha is trying to serve two masters once again..

But we all know better..just ask Eddie Long how much you can get away with & still have your flock welcome you back with open arms.



10. Robin Thicke’s manipulative begging to get back into the good graces of his wife Paula is wearing thin.

Because one would think handling marriage issues privately would be the best option but that would be no good for record sales. So to sweep your own bad behavior under the rug, you try to turn the tables and shame your wife into getting back with you by naming a album after her.

And then if Paula rejects him, she will be the one to look bad because after all look how hard Robin tried to save his marriage.


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