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Papa Was A Rolling Stone: Is Matthew Knowles A Baby Daddy Again ?


Looking at this picture of TaQoya Branscomb, yet another one of Matthew Knowles alleged sidepieces makes me want to reach for some Lysol.

But Matthew’s life just got a bit more complicated because TaQoya is filing a lawsuit against him because there is a strong possibility that he is the father of her daughter that was born in 2010.

And trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip, TaQoya..a ‘model’ turned real estate agent is asking for child support, and legal proof through DNA that Matthew is the father of her child.

With all this ratchetness coming from Matthew begs the question..If Solange handled Jay-Z the way she did in the elevator, one can just imagine what she unleashed on Matthew, when she found out about his illegitimate son.

So for now Matthew & especially TaQoya should avoid elevators…because according to the rumor mill, it was through her friendship with Solange that she started having sex with Matthew.


And as expected, Solange gave what’s basically a non response regarding “the incident” to Lucky Magazine…still leaving those who want to know what happened so bad twisting in the wind.


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