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Lacey Schwartz Was Raised To Believe She Was White..Until

If one has watched Maury enough, this issue has come up numerous times — where a White woman, with an obviously half black child tries to convince everyone that her White significant other is the father.


And the explanation she usually gives is that there is “Indian” in the family tree. Or one might look at Rita Ora of Albanian origin (who admitted that the Black connection helps her career) and Melissa Gorga (who says she is of Sicilian descent) and wonder..


Lacey & her Mom


Lacey Schwartz, whose film ‘Little White Lie’ revolves around her racial identity was raised to believe she was a White Jewish girl in Woodstock, N.Y. And to explain her dark complexion her parents Peggy and Robert Schwartz told her it was due to his Sicilian grandfather.

Lacey as a child





But according to the ‘Little White Lie’ trailer people’s eyes were not fooled but they chose to exist in a state of denial instead.

One moment where Lacy’s White identity was questioned occurred during her bat mitzvah, when a synagogue member said it was nice to have a Ethiopian Jew among them. Also Lacey’s childhood friend said she always thought Lacey “looked black”

Lacey herself always had nagging doubts regarding her racial identity. She left the racial I.D box empty when enrolling in college at Georgetown and based off her picture the Black Student Alliance contacted her.


College Years



She also confronted her mother who confirmed she was the product of a extra marital affair & her biological father was Black (A family friend who died when Lacey was 29)


In college, Lacey…whose last name Schwartz means Black, finally felt free to explore her Black identity and reflecting back on her White/Jewish one, she admits something that few Whites do with..

“There are benefits to being white — for me, it’s walking into a space with a potential sense of entitlement.”

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Lacey & her mom




With her husband




Lacey’s twin sons








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