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Black Twitter Mocks #APHeadlines After Their Cold Renisha Tweet

After the train wreck involving the ignorant side of Black Twitter supporting the boy who raped Jada, the flip side of Black Twitter, who doesn’t suffer fools whenever the mainstream press is being disrespectful went into attack mode for all of the right reasons on The Associated Press’s #APHeadlines.

#APHeadlines in their tweet after the second degree murder verdict in the Renisha Mcbride case, marginalized her to being just another black women, who got killed for showed up drunk on some White man’s porch because after all..she was there to start trouble..

Black Twitter of course wasn’t going to take #APHeadlines indifferent attitude lying down and bombarded Twitter with one mocking message after the other..

Here is a sampling..



As for the AP, they got it right with their correction..


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