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Hot Topics: Tina Campbell, Diddy’s Women, T.I, Ebola Ignorance..ETC

1. Tina Campbell of Mary Mary let everyone know that all is well in the marital bedroom on social media…

And is it just me or the last thing you do regarding a husband that has a history of serial cheating is to broadcast the good sex you have with him because it just might open the door to thirsty women who want to sample the goods..again


2. For Halloween Iggy Azalea tried to take the sting out of Snoop Dogg’s insult by dressing as a White Chick.

But it left more than one person wondering where is the costume


3. Tevyn Demmings is yet another parent who thought it was funny to broadcast shaming their child on social media.

Tevyn’s son went into hysterics after she jokingly told him that he had Ebola. As payback, someone needs to drop Tevyn off in West Africa & film her reaction..will she find it as funny as telling a child he has Ebola.




4. Am I the only one that was irritated by that Maine nurse, who thinks just because she is a medical professional the Ebola Quarantine shouldn’t apply to her.

It seemed like she was loving making the rounds on TV, for her 15 minutes of fame..than actually being concerned about spreading the disease.





5. Speaking like a enlightened ghetto philosopher, T.I. spoke on the “incredible point” made by Raven Symone when she said we are all American and that there needs to be more unity instead of separation.

T.I. also talked about the power of words and considers himself African American, Black, American..

Hmm..Will the police automatically see him as a “American” if he ever gets popped again on gun charges.



6. OG Pimp Preacher Jim Bakker is still hustling for dollars in the name of Jesus.

A $3,000 love offering can get you a lot of a tasty black bean burger mix and a 250.00 love offering can buy you a jacket that keeps you warm in cold temperatures.



7. Nelly & Ashanti recently went on the record and talked about their almost 10 year relationship.

Ashanti admitted it was a bizarre, Nelly admitted it wasn’t a normal relationship and that it was Ashanti & not him..that wanted to keep it private. The both of them give off the strong impression that it was really Ashanti’s hovering mom manager that was really pulling the strings in their relationship.




Link to Nelly’s Response


And Ashanti’s Interview


8. Regarding the ignorant Fort Campbell ratchet effigy display..

Isn’t it funny that a lot of people wait until Halloween to show their ass with racist costumes & displays & when they called on it hide behind the “I didn’t know” or “I thought it was funny” defense.



 9.  Every time there is a major tragedy or outbreak of disease, the ethnic group that it centers around finds themselves the victims of hate crimes.

And it was no different recently when 2 boys who just immigrated from Senegal to the Bronx were beaten and called Ebola, which proves once again that a lot of Americans are intolerant during times when there should be unity.



10. All of the women in Diddy’s life (Kim Porter, Cassie, Sarah Chapman and Misa Hylton) wished him a Happy Birthday.

And like Lil Wayne’s plethora of Baby Mama’s it seems like all of Diddy’s have learned to coexist peacefully without any public beef.

But would it be a different story if Diddy didn’t have such deep pockets to pay his huge monthly child support bill.




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