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Hot Topics: Stacey Dash, Monica Brown, Shanesha Taylor..ETC

1. Just about everything Stacey Dash has said lately has the Twitter thugs taking her to task.

This time she tweeted that Bill Cosby didn’t do anything to her and of course backlash followed. But am I the only one who thinks there is nothing wrong with what she said ?



2. It looks like Shanesha Taylor, the Arizona mother with the infamous crying mug shot is in deep doo doo after she refused to account for over 100 thousand she got in donations.

Allegedly she spent 6 G’s on her baby daddy’s rap album and more on other frivolous things. But two questions have to be asked — where was this baby daddy when Shanesha had to leave her kids in the car ?  And why are people so pressed over what she does with the money ? No one questioned what the potato salad guy did with the 55 G’s he got.



3. Just like the Kim & Kanye Vouge cover – the GTFOH responses to the Lifetime Aaliyah bio movie had the opposite effect because…

3 million people tuned in.




4. I wonder if Matthew Knowles has any regrets for his behavior because you know you screwed up big time when you find yourself cut out of significant events in your children’s lives.

At Solange’s wedding Mr. Laying it low and spreading it wide was no where to be found.


5. In the entertainment business today you have to put your eggs in more than one basket.

Congrats to Monica for doing something constructive with her down time. The mother & singer now has a side gig as a nurse.

And speaking of singers that came up in the 90’s, someone needs to send a memo to on & off again Pastor Mase — because he needs to move on & do something else besides perform in a practically empty room overseas.



6. Diddy’s son Christian has a girlfriend and I know what all of you are thinking..

Because it was basically predictable that she would…have a nice smile *wink-wink*




christian-combs-2 christian-combs-1



7. Never Forget: Gordon Parks: Segregation Story,” Once titled “The Restraints: Open and Hidden can be seen this fall at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.

For all of the bad others love to focus on when it comes to African Americans — we can take a look back to Mobile, Alabama in 1956 in color and see that despite the circumstances our people still carried themselves with dignity and at the same time realize that children don’t know hate, unless it is taught.



8. Natural Hair Moment Of The Week.. Goes to Tamera Mowry, who reminded everyone that she has naturally curly hair.

And no doubt the inevitable criticism probably surfaced somewhere on the interweb because  why is she complaining because after all, isn’t she is mixed ?  But as she explained on The Real she went through the same problems a lot of women do with straightening & cutting it off due to damage.


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