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Oh Really Now: The Bye Felicia Crop Top By Forever 21

You know a phrase, style or dance is officially wack once the mainstream gets a hold of it. Twerking, swag, bae and bling are some of the many words that the mainstream ruined due to overkill.

The latest thing to jump the shark is Bye Felicia — which became passe the second the VH1 show of the same name premiered, that totally misses the point of what “Bye Felicia” means because it features two Black women making over White women.  And now Forever 21 has jumped on the bandwagon to make money with a Bye Felicia crop top.

But at least they got the gist of what Bye Felicia means with this description

For the days you can’t be bothered with the everyday annoyances that come your way, this MYVL™ crop top will make your point nice and clear. Both long sleeves are smacked with a ” Bye Felicia” (a phrase synonymous with disinterest) graphic, letting those around you know that you don’t have the time or the patience for… well, them.

What’s funny about Bye Felicia — is that the mainstream always seems to be a day late and a dollar short because once they get ahold of something & of course try to make it “cool” by totally misusing it, the originators of the very thing have already moved on to something else.

Now “On Fleek” is the latest phrase that is the slowly creeping into the mainstream that will of course immediately go into the wack category due to overkill. and their topic that says (WE’RE ON FLEEK. WHATEVER THAT MEANS.) and Taco Bell’s CEO saying “cleek” instead of fleek — is a prime example as to why some words need to be kept away from mainstream America because they manage to instantly make them soo corny.


 The Bye Felicia Crop Top can be yours for 52.00



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