Yes Or A Mess

Yes Or A Mess: Twitter Blames Angela Bassett For Bobbi Kristina

It was inevitable that the finger-pointing would begin after Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina was rushed to the hospital a couple of days ago.

And the one person who is currently the easiest target is Angela Bassett, after the Houston family made it clear that they did not approve of the Whitney movie she directed. This of course did not escape the attention of a lot of Twitter users who tweeted to Angela directly that her actions pushed Bobbi Kristina over the edge..

Here are some of the tweets..

angela-bassett-dragging-tweet-1 angela-bassett-dragging-tweet-6 angela-bassett-dragging-tweet-5 angela-bassett-dragging-tweet-4 angela-bassett-dragging-tweet-2


Is this a Yes or A Mess ?

A Yes

Even though Angela Basset isn’t solely to blame, she and the others who had everything to do with Whitney airing on Lifetime should have been more responsible with how she was portrayed but when it comes to ratings & money ethics go out the window. Because the timing of this movie and Bobbi being rushed to he hospital are not coincidental.

Or A Mess

Angela is a scapegoat and Bobbi Kristina’s problems started long before the Whitney movie aired. It’s off base to point the finger at Angela when the blame should be directed more towards those who raised Bobbi Kristina and those who appeared to be more interested in leaching off of Whitney’s money..rather than making sure Bobbi Kristina was Ok.

angela-support-tweets-1 angela-support-tweets


As for Bobbi Kristina’s current condition, there are conflicting reports regarding the stories that said her brain function improved to the family making a decision soon about taking her off life support.

And the plot thickens because according to Fox 5 in ATL one of the people (Max Lomas) that was present in the apartment when Bobbi Kristina was found in the tub was arrested on drug charges & according to TMZ he allegedly tried to drug a girlfriend.

Also according to the interwebs..Max is Bobbi’s ex boyfriend and has been in the picture longer than Nick. And the fact that Max & Nick were in the apartment at the same time..futher supports the foul play that many believe went down.


Maxwell Byron Lomas



For More

Bobby Brown’s Facebook pg, with this statement

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Update: According to CNN: Bobbi Kristina Brown was moved to Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital on Monday, sources close to the family said.

The source close to the family told CNN that Brown’s eyes opened and closed a few times Monday, but that doctors told family members not to read too much into that movement.

Doctors were trying to reduce the sedatives to check Brown’s brain function, but decided to keep her in the coma for now, the source said.

The source added that Brown had some seizures on Monday.

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