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Just Like #AskRKelly.. #AskPharrell On Twitter Went Sideways


The servant/bell boy outfit Pharrell wore during his performance at the Grammys was very symbolic of the feelings a lot of people have, judging from the failed #AskPharrell session on Twitter before the ceremony.

And Pharrell himself appeared to be well aware of the criticism from his stance on racial matters because the “hands up don’t shoot” gesture made during his performance of Happy seemed to be an attempt to redeem himself..

But during #AskPharrell..Twitter users were in no mood to ask Pharrell about his career but…


Ask why did he let Robin take all of the blame for Blurred Lines & benefit from a song that was basically stolen

AskPharrell-tweet-3 AskPharrell-tweet-2

AskPharrell-tweet-7 AskPharrell-tweet-6


Taking shots at Pharrell’s “New Black” status

AskPharrell-tweet-8 AskPharrell-tweet-4 AskPharrell-tweet-1



How does he stay looking so young & of course a Mike Brown question

AskPharrell-tweet-9 AskPharrell-tweet-5 AskPharrell-tweet-11




Pharrell’s performance at the Grammy’s & with wife Helen working the red carpet. Also attending the 57th Grammy awards were Ziggy & Orly Marley..and Ashanti.









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