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Update: Toya Admits The K. Michelle Situation Got To Memphitz

It wasn’t hard to figure out why Memphitz has been acting up on social media while he has been separated from his wife Toya.

In a new interview she confirmed what we ready knew..that the situation with K.Michelle has gotten inside Memphitz’s head so much it caused resentment & anger issues in their marriage.


Here are the cliff notes


1. Toya confirmed the seperatation and said that stuff K. Michelle said about Memphitz has turned him into a person she doesn’t know anymore.

2. The lawsuit against Viacom & K.Michelle took a toll on Memphitz because he was portrayed as a woman beater and a thief and it’s hard for him to work in the music industry because of the character defamation.

3. They have been to counseling and Memphitz comes off angry and bitter on social media because K. Michelle has the bigger platform to take stabs at him.

4. Being known as the guy who married Lil Wayne’s ex-wife is very hard for Memphitz & he started to resent Toya.


 K. Michelle talking about the abuse



5. They had an opportunity to go on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta & Memphitz blamed her for turning it down because he wanted to go on there to defend himself.

6. Toya says Memphitz is now Blackballed in the industry because of the route he eventually took to defend himself (suing Viacom)

7. Toya does not like it when people say he is obsessed with K. Michelle but he only acted the fool on social media because of what K. Michelle said about him on Wendy.

8. Says she is fighting for her marriage & hopes Memphitz will get his identity back. She never believed what K. Michelle said (and says in their marriage he didn’t like confrontation) Memphitz is a good man and her daughter loves him.


Apparently a couple of fonts on Instagram did not like how Toya is trying to portray herself as a good wife & made these allegations..including the real reason why Toya doesn’t hang out with Tiny anymore.

instagram-allegations-3 instagram-allegations-2 instagram-allegations-1 instagram-allegations



Toya’s brother Rudy had issue with Toya’s interview to & Toya’s response






As for Memphitz..still acting up on social media




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