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Obsession: Dark Desires..Kisha Kelly & “Uncle Ruckus” Pennington


With a face like this, it’s easy to see why Donald Pennington managed to scare away every tenant that lived in his former home after he lost it to foreclosure in Dallas, Texas.

But last week’s episode of Obsession: Dark Desires on Investigation Discovery highlighted how he finally met his match in Kisha Kelly.

Because 9 times out of 10 when you go up against crazy, at least one person will wind up in a body bag.


Kisha Kelly




This is the house (in the episode) that was at the center of  it all. Kisha moved in and Donald began terrorizing her nonstop from 2005-2010.





A mysterious figure appeared out of no where by the name of Ms. Jackson..who told Kisha that Donald is violent and obsessed with her house.





Donald even had the nerve to use Kisha’s address as his own.




Donald being the evil psycho that he is would just stand outside of house & stare and say “My House” or “My House B*tch”





Donald took it a step to far and filed papers to evict Kisha from her own home and Kisha wound up making three appearances to face Donald court (each case got dismissed)





The fourth hearing that Kisha didn’t attend wound up to be her undoing because Donald won that round and the eviction process against her proceeded.




Donald also abused his wife and broke in the house after he got the boot..acting like he still lived there.





Donald of course kept bringing the crazy




And Kisha & her father decided to fight fire with fire by getting a history of Donald’s reign of terror.




The eviction was eventually dismissed but Uncle Ruckus Pennington crossed the line and used his I.D (with Kisha’s address on it) to convince a locksmith to open “his” house. Luckily Kisha got there in time to stop it.




The inevitable “me or you” showdown came when Donald broke into her house and not only stole the gun Kisha’s father gave her to protect herself but shot her dog with it.




 Donald tried it again, for what turned out to be the final time when he got a locksmith to open Kisha’s door. This time Kisha was not playing and had her gun ready.

With the police on the phone, Kisha shot Donald to death after he didn’t take heed to the warning shot that she fired in the air.

Kisha was arrested and eventually cleared of charges when it became obvious Uncle Ruckus Pennington terrorized her for years & had an extensive criminal history.




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