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Say It Isn’t So: Joseline Admits That Love & Hip Hop ATL Is Fake

We know that “reality tv” is as real as an episode of General Hospital. But when Stevie J and Joseline went into attack mode on Benzino, Althea and Tammy during the Love and Hip Hop ATL reunion last year it was obvious that they were high on something.

And it isn’t so far-fetched to believe the Jordans were on substances considering that Stevie J failed 10 drug tests in relation to his child support case afterwards.

Under Oath



But rather than admit that she was high as the sky and the beat downs she tried to give were very real, Joseline said  under oath..for a lawsuit that Althea brought against her (due to being attacked) that the show is scripted.

She also said that the character she plays on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta isn’t the real Joseline Hernandez. And the tactic Joseline is using to weasel out of taking responsibility for her actions will probably work because we know anyone signing a contract to be on a VH1 knows they are not joing the cast of a Masterpiece Theatre show.

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