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You Know You’re Watching: 34 Kids Jay & Evelyn Get Shows On OWN


It goes a little something like this

A new “reality” show is announced starring someone we love to hate or a new season of RHOA is about to premiere. A lot of people vow to never watch but somehow the reality show premieres to huge ratings.

The latest reality shows people are saying that they will never watch (but will anyway) are courtesy of Own starring Jay Williams and Evelyn Lozada.

Apparently the Iyanla mega fix that went on forever wasn’t enough because Jay, who more than lived up to negative Black male stereotypes will try to repair the relationships with his children and their mothers.


Iyanla will be there to help Jay become a better person starting September 2015.





Former Basketball, Football and now MLB wife Evelyn Lozada has been trying for the longest to get people to see she isn’t a table hopping, bottle throwing ratchet anymore.

The reformed mean girl has turned her life around after giving birth to her son and realizing why she made a lot of bad choices.

¬†Evelyn’s message about the show

evelyn-lozada-message evelyn-lozada-message-1



But a lot of people who still remember all to well how Evelyn acted on Basketball Wives don’t believe Evelyn’s nice act one bit.

But Evelyn to her credit appears to be in a happier place in her life & has toned down a lot. She has also stayed away from e-thugging. The series, which will premiere in July follows Evelyn, her daughter & husband Carl (according to TMZ)

Evelyn is also one of the producers of the show.


Evelyn celebrating her upcoming show



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