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Are People Overreacting To “I Luh God” By Erica Campbell ?

As one half of Mary Mary, Erica Campbell has always been accused of being a R&B artist masquerading as a gospel singer.


And the last time Erica was accused of releasing a song that was to secular for gospel was when her & Tina dropped “God In Me” as Mary Mary. And it didn’t help that they had celebrities from “the world” like Kanye & Amber Rose in the video for the song.




But now that Erica has a Grammy winning solo career the criticism is at an all time high because of her song “I Luh God” that many say is anything but God like because of the trap beat that is more appropriate for a 2 Chainz album.



But are people overreacting ?

Because Gospel Music has clearly evolved from Mahalia Jackson & Tell It On The Mountain.

And Erica isn’t exactly new at delivering the word of God through song in a way that has pioneered a new sound in gospel music.

Also “I Luh God” (trap beat & all) just might reach those who will probably never listen to gospel music, just like “God In Me” did.


But still the interwebs couldn’t resist poking fun at these now infamous lines.

I luh God
You don’t luh God?
What’s wrong with chu? 




i luh god


Here are the lyrics that come after that

I don’t think I could live no other way
Truth be told, I’m living how I wanna, aye
Nah, this ain’t no blessings in the modern day
The Lord I serve, He gives them to me everyday
I’m forgiven, I’m forgiven
See I done been forgiven, now I’m living
And when I say I love, I mean it
Cuz none of this means nothing if He comes and I miss him


Today Erica had this to say about negativity



I Luh God performance


All of the complaning about “I Luh God” like it was going to singlehandedly ruin Gospel music backfired — because it did nothing but push the song & Erica’s album to #1 on Billboard.






Erica had this to say about “I Luh God”

“Everyone doesn’t speak properly. Everyone doesn’t live in a well-maintained manicured neighborhood. People live in rough neighborhoods and they speak how they speak. No matter where you are, you have to acknowledge that you’re blessed. Everybody don’t like it. Some people are upset about it, but they’ll be all right. God don’t live in a box. Why should I?,” she explained.


All of the attention that “I Luh God” has received was not lost on Erica who is getting her hustle on with I Luh God ring tones.




She also said on Instagram that the video for I Luh God is coming soon to.





  1. Jeff

    October 18, 2015 at 9:52 pm  (QUOTE COMMENT)

    What does luh mean?

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