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2 Kids Killed By Their Evil Mom & Put In A Freezer Are Laid To Rest


Days before Stoni Blair and Stephen Berry were laid to rest, the person who killed them and left them in a deep freezer in her East Detroit apartment for over two years had the nerve to play victim.

During a court appearance to terminate her parental rights Mitchelle Blair had to be escorted out of the courtroom because she went off on the fathers of the children she murdered — who deny they were never apart of their lives until the TV cameras showed up.

When Mitchelle was arraigned she walked away and rolled her eyes more than once when the judge said what she did is heinous.

This evil demon — who her family ironically calls “Angel” had a stank face when the judge told the truth about her crimes.


9-year-old Stephan endured horrific abuse before he was killed on Aug, 30, 2012 and stuffed in a freezer. His mom poured scalding water on him and forced him to drink window cleaner.

She also put a plastic bag over his head and when he tore through one — his evil mother put a stronger one over his head.


She also put a belt around his neck and lifted him off the floor. 13-year-old Stoni was killed on May 25, 2013 when she was strangled with a T-shirt and suffocated. Mitchelle Blair then made her 17 yr old daughter put Stoni in the freezer with Stephen.



The community admitted that they failed Stoni & Stephen: For over 2 years Mitchelle got away with telling anyone that asked that Stoni & Stephen were at a Aunt’s or being homeschooled (Mitchelle dropped out in the 10th grade)

But one of Stoni’s teacher’s Eric Fredlund tried to alert the system that something was wrong once Stoni stopped going to school but got stonewalled.



And what’s ironic is the Aunt who now has custody of Mitchelle’s 2 surviving children (who were also abused) is a former child abuse investigator. CPS was also was familiar with Mitchelle, who is now being charged with murder.

Hopefully an inmate will put a plastic bag over her head.


Yesterday Stoni & Stephen were buried side by side at Mount Hope Memorial Gardens in Livonia, MI




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