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Trifling Mom Leaves Disabled Son To Die, So She Can See Her Man

The trifling person award of the week goes to a “mom” from Philadelphia — who lost her mind over some d*ck

41 yr old Nya Parler is about to catch an attempted murder charge in Philadelphia because she dumped her 21-year-old quadriplegic son in the woods with a blanket and a bible like he was a bag of garbage — so she can hop on the bus to Maryland to see her man.

After her son failed to show up at school, she then lied to his concerned aunts & the school after they asked where he was.


Nya Parler & Boyfriend



Thanks to a man who happened to be walking by the 21 year old’s life was saved last Friday night. Nya’s son who has cerebral palsy and is non verbal was found laying in the leaves 10 feet from his wheel chair. He was exposed to cold temperatures for several days and was treated for malnutrition, exposure, dehydration and a cut.


The victim’s wheelchair



After a warrant was signed for her arrest Nya had to be hospitalized and as punishment she should have been left in the middle of no where strapped to a wheel chair — with nothing but a bible and blanket.


This sorry excuse for a mother also has a 16-year-old who currently lives with someone else.


And she actually had the nerve to write this while her son was in the woods.




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Link to trifling mother who left son in woods 

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