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3 Things We Learned From Christina Milian Turned Up On E!


If the thought crossed your mind while watching Christina Milian Turned Up Season 1 on E! — that you have seen this before you weren’t imagining things.

The family dysfunction between Christina Milian Turned Up & Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s is very similar.

There is the mom manager Carmen (Kris) and her daughter Christina who never hesitates to let her family know that she is the main source of income (Kim)

Danielle is the sister with the mean streak (Kourtney) and Lizzy is the youngest who gets lost in the shuffle (Khloe)


Here are three things to know


1. Christina Milian: Always the fourth wheel ?

When Christina had her biggest hit in 2004 she was overshadowed by Beyonce, Britney and Christina Aguilera. This time Christina is trying to make a comeback with Rihanna, Beyonce & Katy Perry in the mix.



But what does it say about Christina’s music career when most people are hard pressed to name three songs but can probably name every man she has dated — which is a shame because when Christina sang the National Anthem she proved she can hold a note.


2. Danielle: The classic middle child

While Mama Carmen was traveling with Christina, Danielle (now pregnant with #3) was the one playing mother to her youngest sister Lizzy. Feeling left out created a huge chip on Danielle’s shoulder and she lashed out every chance she could.

She also cried quite a bit during season 1 — during one scene Danielle felt no one cared that she wanted to pursue law career.



But Danielle isn’t the only one in the family with anger issues. Mama Carmen didn’t think twice about forming a tag team with Danielle to put Christina in her place after she reminded them (probably for the 4,897 time how she pays for everything)


And Danielle’s relationship with her husband Richard is giving off serious Kourtney & Scott teas.



3. Lizzy Milian: Who is she ?

It will probably be another 5 years before the youngest Milian sister knows who she is as a person. But in the meantime Lizzy has tried on about 50-11 identities, that usually revolve around a man she has dated.



During season 1, Lizzy spent a lot of time trying to keep the peace between Mama Carmen, Danielle & Christina.

In season 2 will Danielle finally become the hairdresser she always wanted to be with clients besides her sister ? Will Christina continue to troll the viewers with Lil Wayne mentions ? And will Lizzy: The Heartbreak Kid try another personality on for size ?


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