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The F*ck Your Breath Murder: The Killer Is Going To The Bahamas


I don’t think anyone needs a crystal ball to see how The F*ck Your Breath Murder of Eric Harris will end. The second apologists close ranks — so the guilty can cover their tracks, you know the only one on trial is going to be the victim.


And when it comes to Robert Bates — the 73-year-old who paid and took shortcuts to play cops and robbers, the judge felt that he had been through enough trauma with the manslaughter charge and allowed him to take a vacation (that was previously planned) to the Bahamas.


Just before Eric Harris was shot after trying to sell a gun.



Clearly the Tulsa sheriff’s department threw the Black Lives Matter memo in the trash when Robert Bates “accidentally” thought his gun was a taser when he shot Eric Harris to death on April 2nd during a sting.

As for the now infamous “Fuck Your Breath” that was said by a cop when Eric Harris said “He shot me! He shot me, man. Oh, my god. I’m losing my breath — his identity is still under wraps.




This will probably be the last vacation Grandpa Bates will take because his bank account is about to be drained due the settlement he will probably pay to the Harris family. Throwing more salt on the wound after Bates was allowed to go to the Bahamas — Sheriff Stanley Glanz  said it was proper for Grandpa to have been on the operation.


Sheriff Glanz (who has known Bates for 25 years) also made a lame apology to the Harris family. He also admitted that he went to the Bahamas before with Bates & two colleagues.


Robert Bates, who denied his training records were falsified has pleaded not guilty.


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Summary of the case 

On Bates’s false records 


 Surprise, Surprise: It looks like more evidence shows Robert Bates was not trained probably.

And he used his personal car to make unauthorized vehicle stops. He also pulled the “I can do whatever I want” card.


The Fuck Your Breath Video

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