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3 Things To Know From The Messy R&B Divas L.A Season 3 Reunion

1. Wendy Williams: I see what you did there

Wendy made it crystal clear that she has a vendetta against Chante & Michel’le but let Lil Mo — the hood booger off the hook.

Enjoying playing the puppet master, she zeroed in on Michel’le who she obviously felt was the weakest link and then proceeded to talk down to her. Then the O.G shit starter went to work stirring the pot once Michel’le left the stage.

Wendy then asked the one person who is obviously not Michel’le’s friend what her problem is. Of course Lil Mo — the loud mouth, ghetto psychiatrist and her sidekick put their two cents in by saying Michel’le has a drug problem.

Then the cackling hens put on a phony act like they weren’t talking about Michel’le behind her back once she returned to the stage. Wendy also enjoyed watching Chante struggle to get a word in every time Stacy opened her mouth.



2. Chante Moore & Michel’le: Season 3 needs to be their last

For two seasons the jealous, miserable hens on the show have kept coming for Chante. If Chante breathes, Lil Mo has an issue with it. And the fact that Chante won’t give them the satisfaction of letting them see her totally loose it has them seething.



Even though she wasn’t quick on her feet with the comebacks at the reunion — that one zinger –about all of the circus animals already being present was enough to put Lil Mo & Stacy in their place.



It’s clear from the tea Michel’le spilled about not having a car (she has one now) and Suge being a deadbeat on his child support that she really needs the check.

And it’s obvious that the issues she is dealing with go way beyond the show. Also Lil Mo gets the side eye trying to fix Michel’le’s life when her own husband’s tea was spilled with his gay lifestyle in Philly. And after dealing with Dr. Dre & Suge why in the hell would Michel’le go anywhere near Lil Mo’s broke down father in law.



3. Stacy Francis: Trying to hard to be the star of the show — after all didn’t Lil Mo say she made it less boring.

Being a mean girl on steroids has made her (with Lil Mo running a close second) the most unlikable person on the show. Forming a tag team with resident ratchet Lil Mo — the gruesome twosome played the other girls off against each other.


Showing everyone exactly why her struggle singing never got her anywhere, Stacy inserted herself into Chante’s personal business for the sole purpose of starting drama.

She also tried to snatch Michel’le’s wig thinking she was an easy target but Michel’le let her know real quick that she wasn’t having it. Stacy then tried to take over the reunion by being mean and trying to intimidate others by talking over them — so they won’t spill the tea on her.

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