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Dr. Phil Catfish: Black Woman Runs Game On 7 White Women


A couple of days ago on Dr. Phil there was a girl named Kayla who assumed two male identities to run game on women through the interwebs.

Kayla — who clearly has issues, is an expert manipulator. Whenever Dr. Phil was getting close to the real reason why she created a web of lies – Kayla said she didn’t remember.

But she did admit she started to catfish because she was trying to figure out if she was gay or not. Kayla is a Mormon and being Mormon & gay is something that she struggles with.


Kayla took these pictures of a random guy off of Facebook & created the identities of Hyram and Hunter: It turns out his name is Keagan and he lives in Montana.



Over the span of a couple of years she ran game on 7 women. She told them Hyram/Hunter went to BYU or The University of Utah.

Also she told them Hyram/Hunter was going away on a lds mission and that he lived in Boise & El Paso.



Kayla’s (Hyram/Hunter’s) catfish game was so strong she had the women catching feelings for her. She also sent them gifts.

Sara (pictured) was cheesing over her gift — another girl got a iPod and a bunch of notes.




When it came time to meet Keagan, this was the look on the women’s faces







Kayla — who told Dr. Phil she randomly picked the girls to catfish also said that she didn’t fall in love with all them. But Kayla admitted that Sara was the one she was in love with.

And every time a meeting was supposed to go down Kayla would have an excuse. The main one she told the women was that her sister was pregnant and lost one of her twins.



Once all of the women had a chance to confront Kayla — she tried to flip the script by saying that she didn’t appreciate the calls to her bishop at her church.

She also didn’t like how some of them were trying to ruin her life by talking about her family and her sister’s miscarriage. Dr. Phil  saw right through Kayla’s game & wasn’t having the victim act.



The facial expressions were quite different once Kayla came out &  Kayla still didn’t learn her lesson after she got caught because she started talking to Whitley (the middle girl in the pic)



Hilary was the one who unraveled Kayla’s web of lies & got a no contact order against her. Hilary is also the girl who Kayla says is the ringleader that tried to ruin her life –but then followed her on Instagram.

Kayla told Dr. Phil earlier that the girls weren’t so innocent — they drink & do other things they have no business doing.



One of the episodes WTF moments occurred when the girl in the red came off pressed as to why she was apart of Kayla’s harem for only a short time compared to the others who had a fake relationship with Kayla for years.


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