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R&B Divas L.A Season 3 Reunion Part 2 — 3 Things To Know

Leela James should thank Chante for giving her a storyline.

Leela could not keep Chante’s name out of her mouth — she went into bully mode and called Chante crazy & cuckoo over the 1% issue.  The problem is — is that Chante never said she wanted 1% for herself. Despite receipts that confirmed that Chante was right, Leela would not let it go. Wendy in particular was enjoying fanning the flames by agreeing with Leela & calling Chante a liar.

Of course Lil Mo — the resident ratchet was enjoying watching Chante trying to defend herself against the pressed & miserable hens.



Lil Mo has enough baggage to fill a 747 (But if you hear her tell it Michel’le is the one that has major issues)

Wendy tried her best to air out Chante’s personal business but did anyone else peep how the ratchetness that surrounds Lil Mo & Stacy was left alone yet again in part 2.  No questions about Stacy & Noel Jones. What about the receipts all over the interwebs about Lil Mo’s broke husband and his love of peen.

Also Lil Mo never had to answer for her evil & manipulative ways throughout the season. And what’s up with the multiple marriages, multiple pregnancies and jumping into one relationship after the other.



Side eye at Leela lecturing Michel’le on behalf of her friend with cancer by saying that she should count her blessings.  Mental illness is deadly to.

Wendy as usual was enjoying her role as the ring leader and instigator.  She gave Michel’le a Suge update & shaded Lil Mo by asking was she pregnant with child #7 or 8. Again she came at Michel’le like she was 5 yr old by dismissing her upcoming book. But Wendy was all for Michel’le ‘s movie (just the Dr. Dre parts)




Side eye at Lil Mo — why would you want someone you called a drug addict to be the godmother to your child.


Chante is staying & that has them seething

The funniest moment occurred when Chante said she was coming back to the show. The expression on Lil Mo’s face was priceless (pictured below) because she knew her efforts to drive Chante off the show failed. And Lil Mo clearly used crying to get sympathy, to deflect attention away from her actions and to keep Chante on the hot seat.

When Chante was trying to bond with Lil Mo — Stacey had to chime in that it was her (Lil Mo’s) moment. And there was no need for all of the he said-she said about Stacy coming on the show. It was obvious she was brought on to snatch Chante’s wig.



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