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Custody Woes: Dame Dash Is Airing Out His Issues On Instagram


Things for Dame Dash just went from bad to worse — the culture vulture crusader now has a warrant out for his arrest. According to court documents Dame is now on the hook to pay his ex Rachel Roy $341, 999.

And Dame is anything but subtle — The Chatty Patty has been spilling his own tea about his custody battle issues on Instagram & Youtube.

For someone who has disdain for people who have to answer to a boss, it’s ironic that Dame is in this mess in part due to Rachel being in charge of the holding company that pays his child support.




Cliff Notes from Youtube  —   On the Warrant: Dame says never got the date & time to come to court.

Donell Suarez — Rachel’s attorney tells her not to pay the bills. He isn’t aware that child support is not being paid, so he winds up back in court & on the hook for her legal bills.

Dame didn’t like the conditions his son Lucky was living in, so he gave Lucky’s mom Cindy over 100 G’s for a home. He has no idea where the child support money is going & doesn’t like his son going to public school.

He told Cindy not to hire Donell Suarez & she did anyway. Dame & Cindy also have issues with visitation.


Dame admits that Rachel left him when he wasn’t doing so well financially. He felt that Rachel set him up when he went to her house & then got into it with her “friend”. Rachel called the police & Dame wound up with a restraining order against him.

It doesn’t sit well with Dame that a man he doesn’t know is around his daughters. He also says luggage & two chains went missing when Rachel was in his house. Rachel also spent over a million dollars on herself & expenses for their company. Dame says that Rachel makes bad business decisions.



Summary of more Youtube tea: Dame admitted that he made a mistake in the way he structured Rachel Roy — the company. He gave all of the power to Rachel & she is the one that controls all of the money. Dame also doesn’t like how the only way he gets to see his youngest daughter at times is going to Whole Foods with her.



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