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Diddy Says: Blacks Are Always Looking For Scapegoats


Isn’t it funny how hip-hop stars like Diddy try to lecture to Blacks about their behaviour after the fact but have nothing to say directly to Whites who continue to get a slap on the wrists for racial ratchetness.

Diddy’s fake keyboard philosopher act on Instagram rings hollow considering how he isn’t exactly the poster boy for good behavior himself. Diddy helped promote negative Black male stereotypes but is now painting Blacks with a broad brush like a lot of people have a tendency to do. Diddy mentions Black on Black genocide, Black on Black crime, Responsiblity and how Blacks are always looking for scapegoats.


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But it’s obvious from what Diddy wrote on Instagram, that he isn’t about to bite that hand that feeds him by pointing the finger at Whites to — the very people who fund his lifestyle.. Instead his statement gives ammo to Whites to play reverse psychology with “See look what your own people say about you, we do nothing to you — you do it to yourselves”

Also you can’t take someone seriously who tries to put centuries of serious issues into perspective with a clichéd statement. Diddy says no one will respect Blacks until they have respect for themselves. Last time I checked racists could care less if you have respect for yourself – they will still hate you.


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