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Duggar’s: The Fake Pious Act Has Finally Been Exposed

If anyone has ever visited the now defunct message board TWOP — you know the darkness that just got exposed in the Duggar Family was long overdue.


Free Jinger also deserves props for blowing the lid off of the pure image that the Duggar’s tried a little bit to hard to project. Intouch magazine finally confirmed what a lot of people knew for years when they requested documents that were about to be destroyed. (Springdale, Ark police confirmed they were destroyed)

The documents went into detail about how Josh Duggar molested multiple girls when he was a teenager from 2002-03 (4 are his sisters) and the attempts made by Jim Bob & Michelle to cover it up.


Despite the fact that molesters have a sickness that cannot be cured Jim Bob & Michelle think that hard labor & counseling “cured” their son Josh.



According to the Duggar timeline the daughters that were living at home during that time were: Jana, Jessa, Jill, Jinger and Joy-Anna.

And what else is this family hiding considering that Anna knew before she married Josh and the state trooper friend of Jim Bob’s that was “counseling” Josh is now serving over 50 years on child pornography charges.


Disturbing details and Jim Bob’s efforts to make sure Josh wouldn’t be with more serious offenders in his “rehabilitation” program (which lasted from March-July 2003) — like child molestation is low on the crime richter scale.



The flashes and sadness & anger coming from some of the Duggar daughters makes sense now. And the Duggar’s would have went on with their fake pious act if it wasn’t for a letter placed inside of a book with all of the disgusting details. This letter made its way out of the Duggar House to e-mail addressed to Oprah’s production company in 2006.


Oprah terminated the Duggar’s interview & then turned over the info to the police which sparked the investigation & the report that Intouch got a hold of.



Josh was resigned from his and TLC — who most likely knew & didn’t care as long as the money was rolling in snatched 19 Kids and Counting off the air (for now) And there is fake concern from people who support Josh despite what he did, with little mention of the victims — just because he is on TV.


Link To Police Report & The Breakdown

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