Yes Or A Mess

Yes Or A Mess: Detroit’s 1-844-Weave Loans Store

When a lot of women spend the equivalent of 2 months worth of car loan payments on a weave — you know that sooner or later someone in the billion dollar beauty supply industry was going to come up with an idea to capitalize on that — with interest.

For all of those women who don’t have the money for a weave — The Weave Loan Store wants to come to the rescue. They don’t care if you have no credit, bad credit or good credit — which leads to whether this is a Yes or A Mess

A Yes — Because there is nothing wrong with taking out a weave loan for hair because you have to take a loan for just about everything else (home, car, school..etc ) And as long as the person makes all of the payments on time no one should have an issue with it.

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A Mess — It’s embarrassing for Black women to be reduced to taking out a weave loan for their hair. And The Weave Loan store is probably a predatory lender (backed by Koreans ?) trying to take advantage of people because after all, with Detroit going through bankruptcy — the last thing the city needs is a weave loan store.


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