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Braxton Family Values: Forget Tamar — It’s All About Gabe ?

The last time we saw the Braxton’s it was like hearing a broken record. And now that the sisters have backed off just a bit on getting Tamar to admit what an annoying brat she has been — a new target has emerged.

The on and off again toxic relationship between Trina and Gabe finally came to an end. Their divorce was recently finalized but on the show the proceedings just begun.

And of course for storyline purposes — Trina is going to milk the secret of exactly what Gabe did for all it’s worth. The rest of the sisters, who never really liked Gabe had a hard time believing Trina when she said that breakup #125 would be their last.


During and after the show Braxton Family Values fans flooded Gabe’s Twitter and he had this to say

Gabe-Message-1 Gabe-Message



And old habits die hard — from the premiere episode & the previews Tamar is still going to be Towanda’s storyline. Towanda is more stealth with her ratchetness but again Mrs. throw rocks & then hides her hands — points the finger at Tamar.



And Tamar looks so much better with the darker shade of blonde.



Also this season we get more than just a glimpse into Traci’s family. Lil Kevin is only 19 and he just asked his girlfriend’s father for her hand in marriage. The cliffhanger is if Kevin got his girlfriend Olivia pregnant.

Kevin & Olivia




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