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Here We Go Again: Stevie J Says That Joseline Cheated On Him


Is breakup #321 between Stevie J & Joseline looming or is this just another publicity stunt from the on & off again lovebirds ?

And for those who watch Love & Hip Hop ATL — we know that as soon as another season begins Stevie & Joseline start with the Twitter antics.

Last year Joseline accused Stevie J of beating her, posted picture receipts and then said she was hacked. ┬áStevie said that he was done with her after she cheated on him with numerous rappers — of course they got back together.

Yesterday Stevie J wrote on Twitter that while he was in rehab (after 10 failed drug tests) Joseline was crepping.



In what is likely a reference to the soon to be #1 Billboard smash — Stingy With My Kitty Kat, Stevie said he was going to stop working with wack artists. The next message Stevie put the hashtag #StevieJTakesLA — is he headed to LHHH ?



Joseline wasn’t exactly sypathetic to Stevie, since it’s obvious he isn’t faithful himself. They just need to stop pretending that their “marriage” isn’t a open one.



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