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Viral Video: Stepmom Fed Up With 12 Yr Old Weed Smoking Son


Aaliyah Hines is fed up with her 12-year-old stepson Terrance — so she did what a lot of parents do in 2015.

Record yourself disciplining your child & then upload it to social media & let the comments roll in.  I wonder if OG Kermit is aware of what he started ?

And a lot of people are wondering why did Terrance’s stepmom give him the George Jefferson do for smoking weed and failing school ?

Aaliyah explained on Facebook that she doesn’t talk to Terrance’s biological mom and there is a reason why he is in the custody of his father & stepmother.



During the video Aaliyah explained how Terrance will be repeating the 7th grade. He came in her house high on weed and he also got straight F’s.

Terrance will also get his ass whooped before & after school. No summer fun either — that time will be spent at Aaliyah’s mother’s house. Terrance lies and pretends he is a big baller — posting pictures of money that doesn’t belong to him. Aaliyah also said he won’t be sleeping on his new bed and all of the Jordans he has will be sold.


Aaliyah’s Facebook Messages — she says that Terrance didn’t live with them the whole school year.

aaliyah-hines-1 aaliyah-hines-3 aaliyah-hines-2








Update: Thanks To mskoffeebrown for providing the link to Aaliyah’s mug shot — which says she was arrested for prostitution.

With a stepmom selling herself on the streets and a M.I.A biological mom — no wonder Terrance is getting high on weed & failing school.

Once Terrance got that first F — you would think that his father, stepmother or mother would have handled the situation ASAP. But he went on to get straight F’s which goes to show how much attention was being paid to his school work. This whole situation is a complete parental fail.



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