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Yandy and Mendeecees’s Wedding — 4 Things To Know


Even though there was a huge pink elephant looming in the room (Mendeecees and his upcoming long stint in the pen)

Everyone involved in the live Memorial Day event came together to celebrate Yandy and Mendeecees finally making it official.

Here are 4 things to know


1. Steve J & Joseline continue to play makeup and breakup games: The ratchet duo were on their best behavior and we can probably have a 5, 4, 3 — countdown to their next breakup.



2. Yandy had two dresses to choose from: VH1 included the viewers by giving them the power to choose Yandy’s wedding dress. Yandy’s final choice looked stunning, especially when her father walked her down the aisle.









3. The reality stars came out in full force — from Marlo Hampton & Ray J, to Kandi, Mama Jones and many more. But you had a feeling that most of the people from the other Love & Hip Hop circus acts showed up because their ringmaster — Mona Scott Young told them to.

This was somewhat confirmed by Rich Dollaz, who came to the event with the latest love of his life LHHH star Moniece. He was caught on audio saying that he really didn’t care about Yandy and Mendeecees’s wedding.








4. The pastor and his sweaty dome was distracting & Yandy and Mendeecees have the cutest kids.











Since the wedding Benzino had some words for his arch enemy Joseline (again)

The Chatty Patty also said that Stevie left her for the 125th time.


She need to take her ass to a rehab facility PRONTO! #lhhatl she's being exploited, and praised for being high for TV ratings, when in REAL REAL LIFE she need intervention smfh, all so YALL can be entertained, It's sad to see alot of young girls looking up to her and praising her, WHERE THE HELL ARE THEIR PARENTS AT!?!? And the older women should no better! Yall should be ashamed of YALL self for consigning this behavior, cause in all reality, you are somewhat responsible for this, would you want your MOTHER, SISTER, AUNTIE OR DAUGHTERS TO ACT LIKE THIS? HELL NO! BUT AS LONG AS YOU CAN SIT IN FRONT OF THE TV AND ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND SAY "THATS MY BITCH, GO GIRL" then you are hyping her up to be the erratic drug induced, disrespectful classless person she is!, IF YOU REALLY LOVE THEN HELP HER AND TELL HER TO GET HELP, HELL WE ALL GREW UP UNDER BAD CIRCUMSTANCES, THATS NO EXCUSE!!! I'm sick of this shit and it has to stop.....Sad society we live in, I REALLY FEEL SORRY FOR THIS NEW GENERATION OF YOUNG PEOPLE....... THEY ARE SO LOST

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Currently Erica Mena is looking down on the common folk from her ivory tower. Before the wedding Yandy responded to what Erica said — that she gets special treatment (a good edit)

Yandy said that once she gave up her production rights to be a cast member she made a decision not to act like an ass monkey, unlike a certain someone who acted a fool with a boyfriend & girlfriend.


And Erica tweeted that she didn’t want her wedding to be a joke – but VH1 offered to film her wedding to Bow Wow.

Erica thought that she should be paid way more than what they offered — so she passed.



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