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Psycho Toronto Rapper Killed 4 People To “Keep It Real”


Convicted killer Mark Moore missed three memos — one that says gangster rap is played out. Another in bold letters that says that if you are a 30 year old male — there is about a 5% chance your rap career will blow up.


And the last one that states rule # 1 from the 1996 gangsta rapper manual —  fake it till you make it.


Last Saturday a Toronto jury convicted Moore on four counts of 1st degree murder. The wanna be rapper — who was already doing 12 years for a 2010 robbery, has to serve 25 years before he is eligible for parole. And three of the four murder victims were strangers.


Mark Moore’s victims



And Mark who never hesitated to let people know that  he was… one of the “realest out there”, who “speaks what he lives” and whose “name shakes the streets” went on a killing spree from  September to November 2010.


Bitter because a bullet disfigured his face in Scarborough  in 2001 — Moore fatally shot Courthney Facey and Mike James in that neighborhood while they were sitting in a parked car listening to music.


Mark Moore’s victims..continued



Jahmeel Spence (shot 8 times) was another random victim that was killed for gangsta rap street cred.  Carl Cole was the only victim that Moore knew when he killed him.


The wack rapper who went by the names of ‘Presidenteh’ or ‘Prezi’ used two guns to commit the murders and other violent crimes.


And the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Hyacinth Moore, Mark’s mother was in “My baby ain’t hurt nobody” mode in court.


She was charged with conspiracy & other crimes for helping to cover up evidence in a robbery and 1 of murders Mark committed. One son Andre, a crack dealer was murdered in 2008. Another Jerome is in jail and a 4th son — Taimone was shot in the stomach and survived.


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