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Publicity Stunt ? Did Ray J Kick Princess Out & Repo Her Car ?


Like clockwork once of new season of a ratchet reality show starts filming the make up & break up games between couples begin. A couple of days ago Ray J allegedly gave Princess Love the boot out of the house & snatched her Bentley.


And if Repo and Princess Love in the same sentence sounds familiar — it is. Ray J memorized Floyd Mayweather’s Harem Commandments quite well because Floyd repossessed Princess’s stuff and gave her the boot off The Money Team over a year ago.


And considering how Mally & Nikki and Stevie J & Joseline get off on airing their toxic relationships on social media — Princess & Ray J will probably be back together in 3, 2 ..


Rewinding back to last weekend — Ray J’s manager who goes by the social media name Wack100 started it all by posting this on Instagram.




Princess posted this message aimed at wack100




Wack100 let Princess know he wasn’t down with that passive aggressive stuff & she should proceed with caution.



wack100 tells Princess that her spot is in Ray J’s name, not hers and he is in the process of giving her the boot out of the house. And the Bentley is already in his garage to.




Princess tries to call Wack’s bluff but he lets her know he is already 5 steps ahead of her. Bentley gone & rekeyed.┬áMovers first thing in the morning.

And her tells Princess that she can buy the Bentley from him and tagged Floyd to let him know what was up — in case Princess tries to get back on The Money Team.


princess-message-4 princess-message-3


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