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Rachel Dolezal: Black Apologists, Lies And White Privilege


For the last couple of days this country has been obsessed with the saga of Rachel Dolezal — a fraud and master manipulator. Rachel, who is no doubt reveling in the attention was allowed to take the easy way out by resigning as the head of the Spokane NAACP.


The farewell letter that Rachel released to the press is full of self-importance. Thinking a little bit to highly of herself Rachel sees herself as a civil rights warrior fighting in the trenches.


Not once does she apologize for her deception. But it’s obvious that Rachel is too crafty to admit she has been living a lie.


Knowing full well that many Blacks support her despite the epic fail of trying to master the mental and the essence of a Black woman — Rachel’s letter is a ploy to tug at the heartstrings and garner the sympathy of Blacks who quickly forgive.


Rachel also has a persecution complex — the life story full of hardship, fake hate crimes where she was a victim & the fake Black father that she concocted to fit her narrative as a Black woman.


Rachel tried to get by with White privilege at Howard. She never applied for a teaching position but thought a resume & a cover letter was enough to automatically get her the job. Despite being aware the position was already filled, Rachel sued in 2002 for discrimination because she was pissed a HBCU like Howard didn’t fawn all over her because she is White.


Resentment likely fueled Rachel flipping the script to become a light-skinned Black woman to get the opportunities and status she felt she was entitled to.


She then had the nerve to play judge & jury with other races, when she questioned whether a girl was really Hispanic.


Excerpt of Rachel Dolezal (Then Rachel Moore’s) lawsuit against Howard University



Reaction to this story has been mixed. One side tried their best to tie Rachel’s story to Caitlyn Jenner with the Transracial label and apologists like Melissa Harris-Perry & Al Sharpton are coddling Rachel.


A lot of Blacks are furious that Rachel made a mockery of what it means to be a Black woman by trying to be an authority on Black women’s issues — with a bad tan, braids that snatched her edges & curly hair she tried to pass off as “natural”


Another group of Blacks are talking down to other Blacks while putting a shady White woman like Rachel on a pedestal. They are praising her because she made such a noble effort to help Blacks because after all — the White savior has done more for Blacks than a lot of real African-Americans.


But what specifically has she done for Blacks — besides being a talking head for organization that many say is passe ?


Rachel Dolezal — the con artist, who will probably be a millionare soon with book, TV, & speaking deals for her fuckery, was on the Today show today wearing her Black woman costume.

Defiant and still unapologetic Rachel says she identifies as a Black woman. But will she still be Black when the cops come ? Or will she slip back into Whiteness & pull out her White privilege card.



Link to Rachel’s lawsuit



Apparently Rachel’s ex husband was expecting her to be a White woman but she had other ideas




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