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If You Missed It: Stay Mad — Creflo Is Getting His 65 M Jet


If you have been a member of a church with over 100 people — you know that once an elder announces a fundraiser for a love offering, a new building or whatever — it’s a forgone conclusion that a lot of tax-free money will go into the church’s bank account.


When Creflo Dollar & his ministry sent out a Bat Signal in March that they needed a new 65 million dollar jet — there was outrage.


In response — the ratchet hall of fame preacher was forced cease his e-panhandling. Afterwards Creflo let his haters know that they will have to deal because whether they liked it or not that 65 million dollar jet was going to be his.


Once the controversy died down — The pimp preacher dusted off the g650 fund and renamed it Airplane Project.


Because Creflo and his flock suffered, while slumming it with the common folk on commercial flights to preach the word of Jesus.



Predictably — the ministry hid behind the bible and released a statement that said a 65 M dollar jet that they officially ordered was vital because they are committed to excellence.


Before the announcement — CBS46 did an investigation and not much has changed since 2007 — then Creflo was the least cooperative mega church pastor — when the government knocked on his door.


In 2015 — Creflo refused yet again to open church finances or tell CBS46 who was on the board of directors. The ministry also told CBS 46 it was none of their business. Creflo’s ministry also brings in an estimated 80 million a year.


Creflo and his wife own 3 homes worth millions in Georgia & outside of NYC and they travel in Rolls Royce’s & Hummers.





Creflo owns two planes — a Lear jet & the Gulf Stream that is out of commission. And the planes made stops in places that sound more like vacation/tourist destinations — rather than preach word of God locations.



Creflo and Taffi own many companies within the church



CBS46 report


About the purchase of the 65 M Jet


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