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SC Massacre: A Racist Evil Demon, 9 Victims And Excuses


As expected a lot of Whites and media outlets that cater to those who “want their country back” are trying to sugarcoat the actions of Dylann Roof — with the mental illness excuse.

They are scratching their heads and trying to avoid the truth — by asking why an evil & racist demon went inside of a Charleston, SC church on Wed night and killed nine people — after studying the bible with them for an hour.


Those same people never hesitate to point the finger at Blacks and call them thugs and animals, blame rap music, label the whole Black community as troubled and question the parenting skills of Black mothers and fathers.


 The Victims 

Cynthia Hurd was a librarian and the branch she worked will be renamed in her honor. Shonda Coleman- Singleton’s son has forgiven the killer. Clementa Pickney was a beloved pastor, Susie Jackson a beloved grandmother & great-grandmother and Tywanza Sanders graduated from college recently.



But when it comes to a White, racist, druggie, loser criminal — other Whites who help fan the flames of division and racial hatred try absolve themselves of any responsiblity.


Because they want to continue dictate the narrative that they are innocent and pure & blacks are the unhinged and violent troublemakers.


Dylann Roof is far from mentally ill and no “lone wolf”. His actions are indicative of someone who knew exactly what he was doing. A mentally ill person doesn’t “accidentally” have the apartheid flag of South Africa and racist Rhodesia on his jacket.

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A mentally ill White man doesn’t randomly show up at a historically Black church on bible study night for 1 hour. A mentally ill man doesn’t spend 6 months planning to start a race war.


Also Dylann Roof said that “blacks rape White women and are taking over the country — and they have to go and he reloaded his gun 5 times.


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Dylann Roof’s family is trying it with that “we didn’t see this coming” bullshit. Look no further than living in South Carolina and the Confederate flag flying high at the SC state building.


Dylann Roof’s Confederate license plates, getting a gun as a gift, his past racist behavior and the fact that he said he was in the church to kill Black people.


GTFOH #1 belongs to Judge James Gosnell — who was clearly after his 5 minutes of fame before Dylann Roof’s hearing on gun charges. Roof has also been charged with 9 counts of murder.

Gosnell had the nerve to sound upset that the 9 victims were getting more sympathy than Dylann Roof’s family.

I bet Gosnell never extended to same sympathy to the families of Black suspects in his courtroom because Dylann’s family is likely at the root of why he will probably be executed for killing 9 Blacks.



The representatives of the victims forgave Dylann. While it’s inappropriate to dictate how one should grieve, it’s telling how Blacks are soo quick to forgive Whites for horrendous crimes, while a lot of Whites continue to show no sympathy or remorse for Blacks.


Well Well Well — It looks like that James Gosnell got caught up in racial ratchetness before.



GTFOH moment #2 belongs to South Carolina governor — Nimrata Nikki Randhawa Haley, who like Piyush “Bobby” Jindal whitewashed herself to rise in Southern politics.

She tried her best to squeeze out tears during her press conference and ran away from addressing the Confederate Flag issue.





If anyone wants to donate in memory of the victims of the Charleston church massacre text “prayforcharleston” to 843-606-5995 or donate online at the Palmetto Project.


And to think — the racist, evil demon had second thoughts about killing the church members because they were so nice to him…












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